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For informations about this research please visit website http://cohave.mcomputing.eu.

Research Center for the Analysis and Protection of Data, a joint project with IBM ISC, Bratislava. The Research Center for the Analysis and Protection of Data aims at inventing and developing novel technologies for the protection of data throughout the entire data lifecycle, from the data creation up to the data deletion. The focus is put on enterprise data but all technologies that contribute to the protection of any kind of data are in scope.

Security and privacy in mobile computing ecosystems (SECOSYS), a joint DAAD Project with the Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany. We focus on methods and procedures for detecting unwanted, unexpected or malicious behavior in mobile computing platforms and on improving the security and privacy of Android’s mobile platforms. These methods and procedures will be investigated with respect to their performance, security and robustness.

PinSpace: priestor naokolo je tvoj poznámkový blok, a project funded by the Tatra Banka Foundation (Nadácia Tatra Banky). This project is focused on innovate solutions for Google Glass and similar augmented reality products.